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My Bio

I was born at an early age and then later got born again and it has made a difference here and there. PTL.

My Occupation

Jack of many trades and master of none. Sometimes it's been some of this and sometimes it's been some of that.

My Hobbies

Brooding for a large part of my life but it's not profitable to one's spirit after a while. Hobbies? Hmmmm. Stenciling, furniture restoration, and learning mosaics lately.

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    Nice post on the AU board.   Hope yall do well and meet us in the post season.


    Reply from docs1:

    Thank you. After your win over LSU it seems y'all are right back in step where you were last year. Nobody likely figured your win over LSU would be so great. Noles not near as good this year and you guys are better,

    Good luck and godspeed.

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    Has the God of all comfort shown up yet?


    Reply from docs1:

    Yep, He sure has shown up. It's suprising but if He wants to help me this way I'm not going to buck it. He is good all of the time.


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